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Bitmark OpenMarks Server  v0.3.0

Pending commitments: 0

Transactions waiting for confirmation: 0

Most recent timestamp tx: None (0 prior versions)

Most recent merkle tree tip: None

Best-block: 00000ad1943b34d26b4a1e1df045e6db0d4a01facb47eac18be92f6882bff730

Height 994631

Average time between transactions in the last week: N/A

Fees used in the last week: 0

BTM Latest transactions: cfe60df35059fcac91ef009c733e75051d4c4d8e2d687b45c6fb5224cc1a78c0 d83268220db5ef9e903412ae86f3c16d7d6505ebd4fd756f5369b1ce729931a2 9a95416bded20b17355dd6147eed55c8c3c48a790a09e3cb24571b12a05c590b ad6b202b1910eb8cb3d02899379ffaaa7fc8ed9ad01a4dd44726051b98604ce6 26e2c33bd64e79bad6d50ccc49b4fa39d1e0fffadc25573ff4091e9f9bd72379

Wallet balance: 63079.76796146 BTM
You can donate to the wallet by sending funds to: bE39Hn8sXWkRX1yu95p6t3mGvhxPqq7gSY
Note: This address changes after every donation.

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