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Bitmark OpenMarks Server  v0.3.0

Pending commitments: 0

Transactions waiting for confirmation: 0

Most recent timestamp tx: None (0 prior versions)

Most recent merkle tree tip: None

Best-block: 2584c6e34a5fe8b763d2e0f1fee83edc14c1b7bfedd80addc06848b2d402b12f

Height 1649650

Average time between transactions in the last week: N/A

Fees used in the last week: 0

MARKS Latest transactions: 788391340f0f86142b813a8e6ae777adef1f79f89a23ff69bb36494fea8b4461 ba3244a0459a958706e3602a89def0d0a3959a5cc71d3b3b9fc7df4288c0c940 0d810e03744d049d59042af2a026a542cb048402c628dc5eb3b19546ef42f6b7 0cb2ecc10ed77a733a42559648f2d5d21e9c792ae32f5c146a4d96620fb3051a 03b54500070a89c626aca34f0d5af31f19f9b10f951b0f778c17650187df9d67

Wallet balance: 47.88797932 MARKS
You can donate to the wallet by sending funds to: bTZDYFccpYKt47meBfkbu6ucnemMjViXen
Note: This address changes after every donation.

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