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Bitmark OpenMarks Server  v0.3.0

Pending commitments: 0

Transactions waiting for confirmation: 0

Most recent timestamp tx: None (0 prior versions)

Most recent merkle tree tip: None

Best-block: 2b8aa4bac67546f3ec49bed4d921704ed43ce4bd4c3c828336e24843a0afdc7f

Height 831596

Average time between transactions in the last week: N/A

Fees used in the last week: 0

BTM Latest transactions: 26e2c33bd64e79bad6d50ccc49b4fa39d1e0fffadc25573ff4091e9f9bd72379 623521a406c2717824075ea3a017710d5a57571eacecd9b650d6ecca66b9d6bd 219a0702ba250b4fa6d95f4d74cb53ba774fe2828b2a03f5d615c72bd8eab9b5 621a5998d1b56e009ff99ffe263d6df4adb35170eb8d09f748d830c09f29e5d1 543399fa22a4be70a7642e33ca9f9c9c517925049bb3284c7d0b17a38b854439

Wallet balance: 10.69796522 BTM
You can donate to the wallet by sending funds to: bE39Hn8sXWkRX1yu95p6t3mGvhxPqq7gSY
Note: This address changes after every donation.

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