Bitmark OpenMarks Server      

Bitmark OpenMarks Server  v0.3.0

Pending commitments: 0

Transactions waiting for confirmation: 0

Most recent timestamp tx: None (0 prior versions)

Most recent merkle tree tip: None

Best-block: a3d07b70ead034c661031b35357500bd83b001b57cb9ec19d823a3fe48d5879f

Height 815725

Average time between transactions in the last week: 56.0 hours

Fees used in the last week: 0.00000282

BTM Latest transactions: 9cb3a919d69a2116db45e0b224271406170c80a6adcb85adadb9a1132eb959e5 6b5a1cdd32e15bf586ceffaed13a7b243d7a9aac17dff972daf2af67721d481b c3aa29fa166db9c539caa73a0be22a3a4ae1f716320c8c76f8f843ccaf021ae4 0237c2a9616557dc27d719a6ece34689d3b028809087176c27b42ea57cdc9e88 f672614443672a568e778f7c73e601fd82e48680784e1739723b5460ae347ca6

Wallet balance: 10.69797650 BTM
You can donate to the wallet by sending funds to: bE39Hn8sXWkRX1yu95p6t3mGvhxPqq7gSY
Note: This address changes after every donation.

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